Industrial Footwear Design - English

The course


The manufacturing of shoes might have disappeared abroad virtually completely, but the Netherlands is still an important country for footwear. A considerable number of successful shoe companies and wholesalers still take their own designs to market.

In order to fulfill the demand for shoe design talent, the 'Industrial Footwear Design' (IFD) course was developed in 2009. The aim of IFD is to be a course that is generally accessible and that integrates seamlessly into the business world.

What is particularly unique about the course is the link to the footwear industry. IFD is primarily aimed at candidates with a creative background, with a higher vocational level of education being required. Once you have completed the course, your position as a junior footwear designer will be a surefooted one, providing you with a versatile and creative grounding for a career in the footwear industry. 


Who are you? 


The course level is higher vocational or above and IFD is open to people with a creative background. Due to the fact that there is maximum number of participants for this course, an admissions commission will run a selection process for all applications, to select the most talented people. Further information on this can be found in the explanatory notes that accompany the application form.


Unique lesson content


The course content is unique and cannot be acquired anywhere else in the Netherlands. During the weekly school days, all relevant subjects will be discussed and you will deal with: Industry expertise, supervision of production, making collections, footwear fashion expertise, how to make a collection, communication, footwear technology, presentation, drawing skills.

The course program also includes visits to companies and/or trade shows domestically and abroad.. In addition to the lessons, the study load is at least 15 hours a week of theory and carrying out practical assignments.


Practical assignments


IFD offers talented people professionally-oriented education through realistic assignments from renowned footwear brands. The shoe designs are made for and judged by clients from these firms. Owing to this direct relationship with the industry, it is always possible that a manufacturer will invite the designer to develop several designs to include these in its collection. Each participant will leave the course with a professional portfolio of his/her own designs.


Teaching staff from the industry


Lessons are given by teachers with extensive and relevant experience in the industry. A variety of guest teachers are brought in from within the Netherlands and abroad to tackle specialist subjects.


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